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Summer Courses Overview

summer rockclimbing

Summer mountaineering, scrambling and rock climbing activities are centred on Glen Nevis, Ben Nevis, Glen Coe and the Isle of Skye, either roadside crags or mountain routes. Anything from navigation instruction to a leisurely scramble or a more technical rock climb. Beginners and experienced people are catered for and the climbing courses provide a logical extension of indoor wall climbing. The best months are from May to September and the early spring into summer period is often best.

As much time as possible will be spent looking at the necessary skills for the chosen activity and climbing routes. Each day starts at 0830 hrs and usually finishes by 1700 hrs, depending on the weather.

Client Feedback

Hi Alan,
It was terrific to meet you and climb with you.
Thanks for all your help and support, which made our trip sensational.On Sunday, someone beat us to the Pumpkin, so we climbed the Wa...

Erik Weihenmayer